Unseen Enemy is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6. It is played during Chris Chapter 3.


As the BSAA Alpha Team proceeds, one of the agents examined a strange thing, but was overpowered by the invisible B.O.W. and then it encounters the Alpha Team and past it. However, Chris was trying to after it, but it was too late. Piers ask him what was he thinking, pulling a kamikaze stunt like that. Chris answers that these are his men and tell him that he follow his lead of he will find someone who will. Chris then tell him to fall in line and Piers agrees as they move out.


Piers: "Captain, wait!"
"What the hell were you thinking, pulling a kamikaze stunt like that!?"

Chris: "These are my men."
"You follow my lead or I'll find someone who will."

Piers: "Do you even hear yourself?"

Chris: "Fall in line, soldier."

Piers: "You heard the man. Let's move."

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