This untitled Resident Evil film is the seventh film project by current license-holder, Constantin Film. It is to be the first in a new continuity following the departure of Paul W.S. Anderson, writer of all films up to 2017's Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.[1]

Production Edit

Pre-production Edit

Pre-production took place in early 2017 while The Final Chapter was still in theatres, and producer James Wan expressed interest in the project.[1][2] He later confirmed in December 2018 he was no longer involved in the project, and said that news of his involvement was premature.[3] Johannes Roberts was announced as director in early December.[4]

Writing Edit

Greg Russo was attached as writer in 2017. The writer, who was also attached on the Mortal Kombat reboot at the time, is known to have written the script with inspiration from the 2017 video game, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, though he confirmed in a November 2018 interview with DiscussingFilm he was no longer involved in the project.[5] Johannes Roberts was announced to be the new writer in early December.[4]

Sources Edit

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