Up and Away (David) is a scene in the "end of the road" scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.

It is played if the player, as David King, boards the U.S.S. helicopter to escape Raccoon City without saving Linda.


David King escapes from Raccoon City in Captain Rodriguez's chinook, as a series of air-to-surface missiles bombard the city as part of the Sterlisation Operation. Captain Rodriguez lands the chinook near civilians on a highway outside the city, and David looks back at his experiences in the outbreak.


Male 1: "Arrow 2, direct hit on the target, sir!"

Male 2: "Angle 1, both missiles are confirmed hits. Return to base, immediately."

Angel 1: "This is Angel 1. Roger that."

Male 1: "Arrows 7 and 10, direct hits."

Male 2: "Both Angel 2 and 3 have emptied their payloads."

Female 1: "Arrow 5 correction in hit coordinates 'West 0.5, South 0.1."

Angel 6: "This is Angel 6 reporting: confirmed all fighters have emptied their payloads. Mission Code XX complete. Repeat: Mission Code XX complete."

Male 2: "This is Heaven's Gate. We got you loud and clear, Angel 6. Mission Code XX is completed. All fighters return to base immediately."

Angel 6: "Roger that."

Male 1: "Arrow 8, 11. Target confirmation-"

David (soliloquy): "So the shit hit the fan and the fan finally busted...that's how
Raccoon City came to pass...come on let's face it, life, even if
you aren't surrounded by zombie freaks...there are still plenty
of other dangers waiting for ya...so, whatever new crisis comes
my way it's still more of the same shit on a different day..."

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