Up and Away (Mark) is a scene in the "end of the road" scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. It is played if the player, as Mark Wilkins, boards the U.S.S. helicopter to escape Raccoon City without saving Linda. It costs 500 points to unlock.[1]


Mark Wilkins escapes from Raccoon City in Captain Rodriguez's chinook, as a series of air-to-surface missiles bombard the city as part of the Sterlisation Operation. Captain Rodriguez lands the chinook near civilians on a highway outside the city, and Mark looks back at his experiences in the outbreak.


Male 1: "Arrow 2, direct hit on the target, sir!"

Male 2: "Angle 1, both missiles are confirmed hits. Return to base, immediately."

Angel 1: "This is Angel 1. Roger that."

Male 1: "Arrows 7 and 10, direct hits."

Male 2: "Both Angel 2 and 3 have emptied their payloads."

Female 1: "Arrow 5 correction in hit coordinates 'West 0.5, South 0.1."

Angel 6: "This is Angel 6 reporting: confirmed all fighters have emptied their payloads. Mission Code XX complete. Repeat: Mission Code XX complete."

Male 2: "This is Heaven's Gate. We got you loud and clear, Angel 6. Mission Code XX is completed. All fighters return to base immediately."

Angel 6: "Roger that."

Male 1: "Arrow 8, 11. Target confirmation-"

Mark (soliloquy): "I could fill a book with all the regrets and bad memories of those days, but being there surrounded by all that death and decay taught
me one important lesson that I didn't even learn in 'nam. That in
the power to protect people, the ones you love, may true valor and
righteousness. It's my duty to survive and tell this tale."

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