Up and Away With Linda (Jim) is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. It costs 500 points to unlock.[1]


Jim Chapman and Dr. Linda Baldwin escape from Raccoon City in Captain Rodriguez's chinook, as a series of air-to-surface missiles bombard the city as part of the Sterlisation Operation. Captain Rodriguez lands the chinook near civilians on a highway outside the city, and Jim looks back at his experiences in the outbreak. Dr. Baldwin meanwhile is hopeful of creating a vaccine, and hopes some good will come out of the disaster.


Male 1: "Arrow 2, direct hit on the target, sir!"

Male 2: "Angle 1, both missiles are confirmed hits. Return to base, immediately."

Angel 1:: "This is Angel 1. Roger that."

Male 1:: "Arrows 7 and 10, direct hits."

Male 2:: "Both Angel 2 and 3 have emptied their payloads."

Female 1:: "Arrow 5 correction in hit coordinates 'West 0.5, South 0.1."

Angel 6:: "This is Angel 6 reporting: confirmed all fighters have emptied their payloads. Mission Code XX complete. Repeat: Mission Code XX complete."

Male 2:: "This is Heaven's Gate. We got you loud and clear, Angel 6. Mission Code XX is completed. All fighters return to base immediately."

Angel 6: "Roger that."

Male 1: "Arrow 8, 11. Target confirmation-"

Jim (soliloquy): "It was like a funky horror movie complete with an explosive climax and a hold onto your seat ending. I wouldn't be surprised to hear some narrator's voice, 'but the fight was only the beginning'. But I don't wanna have to put myself through this kind of zombie shit again. You only get one chance at life, true dat. So I'm gonna spend the rest of mine having fun."

Linda Baldwin: "What's done is done. We can't take it back. However, we may be able to start again from the beginning. That's the one gift we humans have. We can rebuild."

Male 1: 「アロー2、着弾」

Male 2: 「エンジェル1へ…経過は順調だ帰投の用意を」

Angel 1: 「”了解”」

Male 2: 「アロー7、 アロー10…着弾エンジェル2、 3…全弾発射」

Female 1: 「着弾誤差、 影響なし」

Angel 6: 「こちらエンジェル6」
「全機、 全弾発射を確認したコード: 「ダブルエックス」 完了”」

Male 2: 「こちらはヘブンズゲート諸君らの活躍に感謝する」

Angel 6: 「”了解”」
Jim (soliloquy): *please add*

Linda Baldwin: 「全部を取り返すことはできない…」



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