The Upper Waterway is a location in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


This waterway is divided into two section, the upper section leads to several rooms including the worker's room and water injection chamber. The lower section is a sewer passage that leads down to the lower waterway.



The U.S.S. Digital Video Cassette can be found next to a dead U.S.S. Alpha Team corpse, near the stairway. Several zombies will roam the area. The Rook Plug can be grab near the bridge. Taking the plug however will raise the bridge, blocking the route towards the water injection chamber entry and the stairway to the lower section, unless it is placed back. The Sewers Key is required to enter Worker's Break Room, Workroom and the Water injection Chamber.


The lower section can be reach by walking down the stairway near the water injection chamber entry. Once the player jump down to the passage, turning left at the corner will lead to a dead end where the player can grab a Handgun Ammo. Back on the passageway, the player can use the T-Bar Valve Handle to unlock another shutter that lead Lower Waterway.






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