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The Back alley (裏路地?) is an area of Uptown Raccoon City. This area is featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.[1]




There's a fire in the ally, so she can not pass to the Sales Office. This alley connects blocked parts of Raccoon City with Fisson Street and Ennerdale Street.


During Jill's first run into this alley, there'll be fire blocking one of the two routes, which leaves her with the option of either going into the safe room or continue into the road in front of the police station. There are 2 Zombie Dogs, one will jump out of the fire and the other will be lying on the floor.

Fire extinguishing

Jill extinguishing the fire

After she finds the Fire Hose, she can extinguish that fire, using the hydrant. When Jill has collected the Oil Additive and returns to that alley, a battle with Nemesis may occur if she hasn't encountered him at the Substation before that point.

In The Mercenaries - Operation: Mad Jackal, this alley can be venture from the Cross of the Fisson Street and Ennerdale Street while multiple Zombies are encounter.


Location Localization Original Script
The Fire hydrant (without the Fire Hose) There is a fire hydrant. If I had a Fire Hose, I might be able to extinguish the fire over there. 消火栓がある 消火用ホースがあれば向こうの火事を消せるだろう
The Fire hydrant (after use) There is a fire hydrant. 消火栓がある