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The boulevard is a room in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.[1] It's an area in the Uptown section of Raccoon City.


The boulevard is at the intersection of Fisson Street and Jack Street. Several restaurants and stores line the area. During the outbreak, debris fills the streets.


When the player first enters the area, there will be five zombies. Two of the zombies are freely roaming the area, while three are inactive until the player walks passed them. There is an explosive barrel on the sidewalk.

When the player walks passed the northern patrol car, the passenger door will rattle. If the player enters the area, passes by the patrol car, and exits approximately 4 times, a zombie will burst out of the vehicle. A Gun Powder B can be found inside.

If the player travels south down the alley, they can take a shortcut to the back end of the Y-shaped alley.

The longer route onto the boulevard leads to the western entrance of the Y-shaped alley.

Returning to the boulevard[]

The first time the player returns to the area from the west entrance of the Y-shaped alley or after unlocking the dumpster alley door, they can trigger an event.

If the zombies were left alive earlier, the player will see a woman cornered by two zombies at the south end of the boulevard, who will scream and run into the alley. Following her down the alley, the player can hear her scream again within the warehouse area.

If the zombies were eliminated, the player will only hear her scream from the warehouse area when walking down the alley.

Following her to the warehouse back alley completes the event.

The Mercenaries[]

There are three Hunter βs in the room, down the alleyway near the entrance to the warehouse.


Location Localization Original script
Dustbin Nothing unusual. 特に何もない
Barricaded doorway The entrance has been boarded up. 入り口が板でうちつけられていて入る隙間もない
Barricade on the street A strong barricade has opening up. enter the passage secret 強固にバリケードがたてられている
Patrol cars A wrecked car is a passage secret 事故車が道をふさいでいる
Storefront near bar Nothing unusual. 特に何もない
Knaok storefront The shutter is down. シャッターが降りていて入れそうにない
Barricade up alley A tough-looking barricade. 頑丈なバリケードだ
Dumpster alley entrance (locked) It's locked from the other side. 向こうからカギがかかっている

Further notes[]

  • Upon obtaining the Lockpick, this room changes to night (along with other areas of Uptown).






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