The Boutique road (ブティック前通り?) is a ruined district of Raccoon City. This area is featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemisis.


Jack Street is blocked by the huge barricade from one side and by crashed cars from the other. This area is in ruins with fire and debris everywhere.


Main Game

There are five zombies in this area, as well and going further, Jill Valentine will hear someone's scream, but he is already being eaten by two zombies. It's noticeable, that eaten person will stand up after a few minutes, turned into a zombie.

Fire stairs

The Bar Black Jack, Boutique and some other stores are located in this area. The bar is closed from the other side and boutique requires special key (the boutique can never be opened on the PC and Dreamcast versions). There is also a set of fire stairs near the building in the south-west corner; by rising up them, Jill can find two Green Herbs. After returning to this district that night, stairs won't be available any more.

In the night, other six zombies or three zombie dogs may appear in that place. If dogs will appear, they'll eat dead bodies in that area.

Zombie dogs eat dead bodies.

The Mercenaries - Operation: Mad Jackal

The street can be ventured during the minigame either from the Backdoor of Bar Jack alley or straight through the Bar Black Jack, three Zombie Dogs will stalk around the place.


Location Localization Original Script
Closed shutter The shutter is down.
Closed gate near the yellow car A sturdy gate. It seems that it can't be opened.
The crashed yellow car The passage is completely blocked off.
Bar Black Jack front door It's locked from the other side.
Advertisement nearby the Bar Black Jack front door "Bar Jack"
Scattered papers on the street Local newspapers are scattered around.
The opposite doors of the Boutique shop The door has been sealed.
The Boutique shop The door has been sealed.
"DAILY FRESH" shop It's locked with a solid gauge.
Sealed road past the shop The passage is completely blocked off.




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