The dumpster alley is an area in the Uptown section of Raccoon City featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.


There's a children playground right behind the backdoor of the bar, where a storage is located not far from it. The Back area leads to Bar Black Jack.


When Jill Valentine enters that playground for the first time, she sees Brad Vickers, shooting at a zombie and running away to the bar.

Jill can find some Ink Ribbons in the garbage. Also, when she returns to that playground, after having picked up the Lockpick, she can obtain three packs of Grenade Rounds from the closed storage by moving up the shutter, using the Square Crank.

Jack closed door

Closed door from this side

Also, Jill has access to the store area of the Fisson Street from that point. She can now open the closed door from this side.

When night falls, the new monsters appear (7 Crows or 4 Zombies). If zombies are present in this room, two of them will eat an unknown victim.

In the Mercenaries - Operation: Mad Jackal , this area can be venture from the Residential area alley. Two Nemesis are present as enemies in this area, if player is Mikhail, both can be defeated with the Rocket Laucher to earn more times.


Eaten victim


Location Localization Original Script
Ads on the wall Various want ads.
Door toward the Fission Street You've opened the lock.
Closed shutter The shutter is down.
Hole to the right of the shutter There's a square hole.
Toy box on the floor A discarded toy box.
Garbage Garbage is scattered around the area.
Ads nearby the Bar Black Jack back door "Umbrella announces a new miracle drug! It will make you look and feel 10 years younger!"



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