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Parking Lot road (駐車場前道路?) is an area of Uptown Raccoon City.[1]


A part of Ennerdale Street, the road is encircled by barricades and destroyed vehicles. The only points that are accessible is the alley with the fire hose, the car park and a manhole to the sewers.


This street is the last place that the player can visit in uptown. When Jill enters for the first time she will hear gunshots and screaming. There will be zombie dogs lurking around the area that have eaten an unknown mercenary (he was the one who shot and screamed). After killing three of them, Jill can find Gun Powder B on the dead body of the mercenary.

Ennerdale street blocked

Ennerdale Street meets Warren Street

Dead merc

Eaten mercenary. Blocked street of the Warren Street also is seen.

This is the second part of Ennerdale Street available to the player. The small area is blocked by strong barricades and crashed cars. On the north it meets with the Warren Street, which is also blocked by a large bus, cars and solid barricades. The parking lot is the only available place to progress to.

Crows break window

Crows attacking Jill

When Jill returns through this area to uptown, eight crows will break through the bus windows and attack her. This may also happen when Jill travels from uptown to downtown (or vice versa) via this street.

In the Mercenaries - Operation: Mad Jackal, Nemesis is encounter here. If it is defeated, a huge time bonus will be received.


Location Localization Original Script
Barricaded road It's blocked by a strong barricade. 頑丈なバリケードでふさがれている
Parking regulations Regulations regarding the usage of this parking area are written here. 駐車場の利用規則が書いてある
Checking the garage entrance "Parking Entrance" “駐車場入り口”
Wrecked Car There is a wrecked car blocking the way. 事故車で道をふさいだようだ
Checking the dead mercenary He was apparently bitten in the neck until he died. 首をかまれて死んでいる
The crashed bus, cars and the dumpster Nothing especially strange here. 特に変ったものはない
Ladder toward Parking Lot Sewer Will you go down the ladder? Yes/No ハシゴを下りますか? Yes/No