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The parking lot shortcut (駐車場抜け道?) is an area of Uptown Raccoon City featured in Resident Evil: Nemesis.[1]


The Alley leads to the Warren Street and to the Downtown respectively. There's a fire hydrant located on the right passage of the alley.

Fire hose

Fire Hose


Three Green Herbs may randomly appear near two Blue Herbs. If they not appeare here, they will appear in the City hall near the mayor's statue. Also, there is a hydrant in the end of the alley and Jill can obtain the Fire Hose to extinguish the fire in the Burning Alley when she has the Wrench to release bolts that are holding the hose.

Nemesis is the only enemy that can enter this place.

In the Mercenaries - Operation: Mad Jackal, Nemesis and few zombies are encounter in this alley.


Location Localization Original Script
Checking Fire hydrant There's a fire hydrant. A Fire hose is fixed with bolts. 消火栓がある 消火用ホースがボルトで固定されている
The Fire hydrant (While using the wrench) You no longer need this Wrench. Will you discard it? Yes/No このレンチはもう必要ないようだ すてますか?
The Fire hydrant (after taking the fire hose) There's a fire hydrant. 消火栓がある

Further Notes[]

  • When entering this room for the first time, the player will be able to read a sign that says, "VERONICA CATHOLIC STUDENT CENTER". A possible hint to CODE VERONICA.