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The residential area alley (住宅地路地?) is an area of Uptown Raccoon City. This area is featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.[1]


A barricade has blocked off the passage in front and the gate towards the right is wrapped around with rope. A wooden crate is placed at the centre of the alley.


Closed oil door

Closed door

Upon entry for the first time, zombies will drop the barricade if Jill approach close enough. This area has a closed door near the barricade which must be opened to continue. "It's been bound tight with rope and won't open. The rope seems to be soaked with oil" - this message appears while examining the door. Jill needs Lighter to burn that rope. Upon returning here at night, Zombies will burst out of the windows.

This alley is also venture during The Mercenaries - Operation: Mad Jackal, where three Zombie Dogs are present as enemies in this area.


Location Localization Original Script
Checking the door toward the Hydrant Alley (Before using the Lighter) It's been bound tight with rope and won't open. The rope seems to be soaked with oil. ロープで固くしばられていてドアを開けることができない


Rope (using an empty lighter) You can't use the lighter without oil. ライターのオイルが切れていて使えない
Checking the corpse His flesh was apparently bitten off or devoured. あちこち食いちぎられた跡がある




Further notes[]

  • There's a sign near the door here with a written unused text saying "Ennerdale Passage", either referring to this alley or an indication that you're not far from Ennerdale Street.