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The warehouse is a room in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.[1] It's an area in the Uptown section of Raccoon City.


A warehouse in Uptown Raccoon City. After Jill Valentine escapes from the burning apartment building, she finds shelter here along with Dario Rosso.


Upon entering the warehouse, one of Jill's monologues begins. Immediately after is a cutscene.

Dario locks himself inside of the container. The player can trigger an extra line of dialogue in some versions of the game by examining the container.

On the first level of the warehouse, there is an F. Aid Spray to the west. On Hard Mode, there is also a box of H. Gun Bullets in the safe nearby, indicated by the blinking green light. After obtaining the bullets, the light changes to red.

The stairway to the second floor leads to the warehouse office.

Upon obtaining the Backdoor Key from the office, the player can exit the warehouse by unlocking the door on the first level on the south end.

This door leads to the warehouse back alley.

After obtaining the Lockpick[]

Once the player has obtained the Lockpick from the S.T.A.R.S. office, there will be four zombies in the warehouse. Three zombies are roaming the first floor and one zombie is lying down on the second floor balcony. The placement of the zombies on the first floor varies.

The container on the first floor is now open. There is a pair of Gun Powder A and B each inside, as well as the Dario's Memo file.


Location Localization Original script
Jill's monologue September 28. Daylight... The monsters have overtaken the city. Somehow... I'm still alive... 9月28日 昼



The container The container is locked from inside. コンテナは内側から閉められている
Alarm The alarm has already been used. 警報機を鳴らしたあとがある
Forklifts A forklift for moving various types of cargo. 集荷用のフォークリフトだ
Stored products Defective products have been placed here. 不良品が区分けされている
Safe (Hard Mode) There's nothing left here. もう何もない
Safe (Easy Mode) Nothing useful. 特に何もない
Windows It's eerily silent outside of the window. 窓の外は静まりかえっている
Backdoor (without key) It's the backdoor exit. It's locked. 裏口のドアだ


Backdoor (with unexamined key) You've used the Warehouse Key. You no longer need this key. Will you discard it? (Y/N) 倉庫のカギを使った


すてますか? (Y/N)

Backdoor (with examined key) You've used the Backdoor Key. You no longer need this key. Will you discard it? (Y/N) 裏口のカギを使った


すてますか? (Y/N)

Further notes[]

  • According to textures in the game, an unused chain item could be obtained within the safe in an earlier build of 3.
  • Though Jill is seen entering though a different entrance to the warehouse, this door is not featured anywhere in the interior.








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