The Y-shaped alley is a room in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.[1] It's an area in the Uptown section of Raccoon City.


An alleyway connected to the main roads. Local information is advertised here. There is a basement storage area.


If the player has entered from the eastern doorway from the boulevard, they will trigger an event upon reaching the basement doorway where Brad Vickers bursts out of the room, spawning four zombies behind him.

If the player approached from the western entrance, the door can be avoided. Instead, examining the doorway or returning from the eastern side of the room will trigger the event.

Inside of the basement is a fifth zombie, along with the Lighter Oil and Shotgun.

The path adjacent to the basement doorway has two Green Herbs and leads down to the street along boutique.

The Mercenaries

There are nine zombies scattered about the area. There is a 32-second hidden time bonus in the basement obtained by examining the man's corpse.


Location Localization Original script
Monmon advertisement "MONMON". It's a popular hot dog stand. “MONMON”


Poster on the wall "Big E concert: September 30th. Starts at 7:30 PM." “ビッグE ライブ

9月30日 午後7時半開演”

Corpse in basement He is lucky he died before his guts were ripped out. 腹部をひきさかれて絶命したようだ
Cases on the shelf Cases of drinking water. 飲料水のケースが並んでいる






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