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A map of Raccoon City. The Uptown district south of Ennerdale St. and to the west of the river.

Uptown is a section of Raccoon City to the west of the Circular River, and south of Ennerdale Street, one of the city's most important thoroughfares.[1]


The exact boundaries of Uptown are uncertain, though it is clear Ennerdale Street separates it from Downtown Raccoon City. The most western point known was an Umbrella sales office close to the Raccoon Police Station, and easterly being the Raccoon City High School against the riverside. Southward, it extended beyond the Black Jack Bar and down Jack and Fox Streets.


Uptown was heavily built up with various townhouses and apartment buildings overlooking streets wide enough only for single lane traffic, and wide alleyways working as a pedestrian pathway. Fisson Street was used primarily for shopping, though the boutique and local bar were further south. On its eastern edges, Fisson Street also passed a local warehouse as it cut of onto Fox Street, which consisted of apartment buildings and the Raccoon City High School.