The Urban District is a location in Resident Evil 5.


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It is just one of many run-down streets in Kijuju, now swarming with hostile Majini. Allyson, introduced in the Experience Kijuju ARG, appears in this area and is forcibly parasitised by the Majini and is ultimately killed by Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar.

The Ithaca M37 shotgun can be found in a small building if the player has found its key.

This area introduces assist jumps to the player, who will use them several more times throughout the game.

The next area is the Abandoned Building.


Location Action Localization Original Script
Checking the ladder CHECK The ladder's out. Maybe two people could get around that.
The drawer CHECK It's empty. Someone completely cleaned it out.


Further notes

  • When Sheva retrieves the Old Building Key, three Majini will appear from the balcony of a two-story building. If the player does not try to retrieve the key, these three Majini will loiter on the balcony and can be killed later in the level.



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