Urban Warfare is a cutscene that is part of the Resident Evil 6 storyline. It is present in Chapter 1 of Jake's Story


Before Jake and Sherry can go to the city hall, the pair ran into the BSAA, Chris Redfield, and Piers Nivans. It reminds Chris that Sherry was in Raccoon City Incident, along with his sister Claire, who owes her a life. Piers tells him as they look at Jake, who is the wanted insurgent. But he is under Sherry's protection in National Security and she tells the BSAA that he is no threat for them. Chris was familiar to his look. During the conversation, the Neo-Umbrella send a new B.O.W.s; the Ogroman and then they land on the ground. Chris, Piers, Sherry, and Jake, alongside with the BSAA, continue battling the B.O.W.s.


Sherry: "Sherry Birkin - National Security!"

Chris: "Sherry Birkin? You were in Raccoon City."

Sherry: "How do you know that?"

Chris: "Claire."

Sherry: "Wait... Are you Chris?"

Chris: "My sister's told me about you."

Piers: "Chris, that man is a wanted insurgent."

Sherry: "Yes, he's a mercenary. But right now he's under the protection of the US goverment. He's no threat to BSAA."

Jake: "Unless someone pays me to be."

Piers: "What did you just say?"

Jake: "What?"

Chris: "Nothing."

HQ: "HQ to Alpha Team. Reinforcements are unable to land due to anti-aircraft artillery. Take them out."

Chris: "Alpha Team copy."

BSAA: "What the-? We're picking up a large bogey on radar. It's heading right for you!"

Chris: "We'll talk later. Right now you need to find cover."

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