Uroboros (ウロボロス uroborosu?) is an enemy that was supposedly planned at one point to appear in the cancelled Resident Evil 4 prototype game dubbed "Stylish". Uroboros was envisioned as a boss for the game's fifth stage, but was replaced with the Nightmare.[citation needed]

When the game became Devil May Cry, the Uroboros was also planned to be used, but was eventually cut.[1][excerpt 1]



  1. These images are of monsters that didn't make the cut when the game officially became "Devil May Cry". There are a lot that I really like, but their designs aren't well-suited to "Devil May Cry". I especially like the Griffon Baby on page 69. That one actually made it as far as the modeling stage, but it wound up looking too cute... so naturally, it was cut. (Matsushita)

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