Uroboros Injection (AC-011) is an Action card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game. Uroboros Injection was introduced in Alliance, the Deck Building Game's first expanion set. Unlike most Action cards its effect can carry over to other players' turns and has a unique use with one of the character cards from Alliance.


As stated above, this card's effect can carry over into another turn, and in fact can be used while another players turn underway. When another player is exploring and reveals an Infected, the player with this card can trash it to give the revealed Infected +20 Health. Other Infected revealed in the same turn are also given the same boost. Additionally, the card grants +2 Actions and +1 Buy, giving the player a good Action stacking edge and allowing them to purchase more items from the Resource Area. it has a Gold Cost of 60.


The character card that has a unique use with this card is Steve Burnside. Steve's Level 2 effect allows the player to discard an Uroboros Injection card to heal Steve's health by 20 and raise his base damage by 30. This makes Steve one of the few characters that can Explore and attack an Infected without weapons. The effect references Steve's infection and transformation through the T-Veronica Virus into the next Noseferatu. Steve never had any involvement with the Urorboros Virus however, but the generalization is most likely intentional on the part of the developers.

The artwork on the Uroboros Injection card is a screen shot taken from a cutscene of Resident Evil 5, depicting Uroboros Mkono prior to its full transformation.


  • This card and the Level 2 effect of Jill Valentine (Brainwashed), are effective ways to interrupt or intercept other players Explores.
  • As previously stated this card works uniquely with Steve. But its effect can easily be countered with Steve himself if its used against him. The 30 extra damage easily makes the +20 Health gained by Infected inconsequential.
  • Playing during another players double Explore (say if they're using the Automatic Shotgun or Triple-Barreled Shotgun), this card can make dealing with the Infected Bat (who gains more health if its flanked by more Infected) a little more difficult to defeat.
  • Additionally, it adds just a little more weight to the already terrifying Los Illuminados Monk, who gains more Health and Damage for every Infected the player has defeated.
  • Albert Wesker and Uroboros Aheri are the two bos Infected that end the game if defeated. Both are already at a hefty 90 Health but can be made harder with this card, effectively increasing the chances of the user winning unless the player has encountered a Satellite Laser Device and can kill either one instantly.


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