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This unnamed Tricell facility was a massive complex in West Africa. Constructed by Tricell Inc., Africa as part of their bio-weapons research project, the facility was the site of the Uroboros Project. Not much is known of the day-to-day operations of the facility, though it appears Miguel was the chief researcher behind non-Uroboros projects, with the facility itself ultimately under the control of the Tricell Africa executive, Excella Gionne. Ahead of the 2009 Kijuju Autonomous Zone Incident, almost all Tricell personnel were killed to prevent intelligence leaks.[1]


The facility's date of construction is uncertain, though it took place in the early or mid-2000s. Adjacent to and reusing an abandoned Umbrella Pharmaceuticals facility made for procuring Progenitor Virus samples, the two facilities were situated within a massive cavern where the former Ndipaya Kingdom's capital was secluded. Progenitor was valued by the company,[2] and efforts were made to keep the Garden of the Sun well maintained for wildflower blooming,[3] with some samples cultivated within the lab.[4]

The facility's primary purpose was the development of the Uroboros Virus, the brainchild of Dr. Albert Wesker, a virologist formerly employed by Umbrella USA. Intended as a doomsday project to kill all but those with certain genes relating to intelligence, Uroboros research relied on eliminating three core problems: excessive mutations, mental deterioration, and instability of the organism.[5] Uroboros was not a commodity to profit from, and due to the high fatality rate required an overwhelming population of test-subjects abducted from across the world. To support this project, the research team had side-projects revolving around the development of other bioweapons to gain additional funding, hired Ricardo Irving as director of the nearby oil field to serve as the liaison between the research team and customers.[6] Among the B.O.W.s developed for consumers were the Ultimate 8 series,[7] the Type-2 Plaga, Type-3 Plaga, an enhanced Dominant subspecies Plaga, and the Licker Beta, the latter enhanced with Progenitor.[2]

Work was completed on the Type-2 and 3 Plagas by April 2008, with the latter being used in illegal testing of Ndipaya tribesmen outside the oil field.[8] In May 2008, an incident occurred within the missile storage when Uroboros breached containment and infected cockroaches, creating "Reapers". A number of soldiers were killed fighting the creatures.[9]

Ahead of Uroboros' completion, Tricell began plans to prevent any leaks of information. The research staff were told they would be allowed to leave to their homes sooner than expected,[10] and during the busride to the airport they were incapacitated by gas and soon after killed. Their bodies were taken back to the facility to be disposed of in the furnaces to eliminate evidence.[11]

Resident Evil 5[]

After discovering Umbrella's Laboratory and battling fierce Licker betas, Chris and Sheva venture on, in hopes of finding Jill. The first room of the Tricell facility they enter is one that houses a large rotating elevator. Surrounded by Uroboros test subjects in pods, the elevator contained a computer which listed the names of everyone in them. Chris frantically searches for Jill's name, but is interrupted when the team is attacked by the U-8. After defeating the creature, they come upon Jill's pod, which turns out to be empty. Excella Gionne then reveals herself to them when she appears on the computer screen. Dismayed, but still hopeful, Chris and Sheva exit the elevator to find Excella.


Chris surveys the Missile Area.

In the Missile Area, which houses the Uroboros missiles, they encounter an enemy unlike any other they have seen thus far: Base Majini. They wielded powerful firearms and could withstand more damge than other Majini, which made killing them difficult. They also had to traverse a conveyor belt which had on it failed Uroboros test subjects. The never before seen Reapers also appear here. Upon leaving the Missile Area, Chris and Sheva find Excella in an Uroboros Laboratory, who then unleashes Uroboros Mkono on them. When it is defeated, Chris and Sheva continue on.

They encounter more Majini and Reapers in the following area, which leads to an exit behind a security room. With a final trip on another rotating elevator, the pair enter the Monarch Room entrance, which seems to have been in the process of some sort of construction, but had not yet been finished. They fight their way through a group of Licker β's as they try to lower a draw bridge to continue on to the next room. When they enter the Monarch Room (which was technically apart of the Ndipaya Kingdom) they find Excella there. They attempt to question her, but are interrupted by the mastermind of the Uroboros project, Albert Wesker, and the

Uroboros labs

The Uroboros subject in the labs.

brainwashed Jill Valentine. As Excella takes her leave, the four battle. Eventually, Wesker departs, and Chris and Sheva are left to deal with Jill. Once they remove the device from her chest, she tells them to leave her there and pursue Wesker. They do, and by doing so, leave the Tricell Laboratory behind. Jill is rescued by Josh Stone, and they too leave the facility.

Once Wesker and Excella are eliminated, the Tricell African Research Facility is left abandoned and closed for good.


  • Revolving Elevators
  • Missile Area
  • Uroboros Laboratory
  • Security Room

Further notes[]

  • To date, the Uroboros Laboratory is one of the few laboratory settings in the series to not feature a self-destruct mechanism, the others being the Umbrella Africa Research Center and the Caucasus Laboratory.
  • The Uroboros Laboratory makes a stage debut in the update of 2017 Mobile Game, Puzzle Fighter.


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