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Uroboros Mkono was a specific manifestation of the virally created Uroboros creature, "birthed" from an anonymous test subject in a TRICELL laboratory. It is possible that Mkono's transformation was triggered by Excella Gionne, who was watching from an enclosed observation deck, so that the creature, created when the Uroboros virus rejected the DNA of its host, would kill BSAA agents Sheva Alomar and Chris Redfield. It was far more dangerous than the Uroboros Test Subject, being much more aggressive and having two cores instead of one. Mkono was defeated through the exploitation of the creature's sensitivity towards extreme heat; the laboratory contained a flamethrower and refueling station originally designed to destroy biohazardous material in case of a leak. Redfield and Alomar used the flamethrower to weaken Mkono and then shot at its exposed vital organs. It cannot be brought down by weapons fire alone; its exposed vital organs must be shot, which only emerge when Mkono is damaged by fire.






Right arm swing (右腕振りまわし Migiude furimawashi?) 100 A massive swing with the right arm, covering a decent radius and knocking Chris down, too.
Huge arm swing (巨大腕振りまわし Kyodai ude furimawashi?)
Huge arm punch (巨大腕パンチ Kyodai ude panchi?)
Huge arm grab (巨大腕つかみ Kyodai ude tsukami?)
torikomi (取りこみ?)
Missile arm (腕ミサイル Ude misairu?)
Tentacle sticking (触手張りつき Shokushu haritsuki?)


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The easiest way to defeat Uroboros Mkono is with a Rocket Launcher – one direct hit will kill it, even on Professional mode. A Rocket Launcher can be bought for ₦10,000 or repeatedly found in an upturned boat at the beginning of Chapter 3-1 by quitting the game after collecting it, depositing it into the inventory, and restarting the chapter.

Otherwise, when damaged by fire, Uroboros Mkono will temporarily sprout three tentacles upwards from its back; these are its weak points, and should be shot before Mkono recovers and withdraws them. Flame Rounds and Incendiary Grenades are extremely effective against Mkono; five Flame Rounds and one Incendiary Grenade are located in the hallway just before the fight, and three more Incendiary Grenades can be found in the boss arena. Furthermore, three gas canisters can be knocked over; players should shoot these once Mkono walks over and absorbs them. Finally, a rechargeable Flamethrower can be found resting on the wall as a final offensive against the Mkono, though it will need to be refueled throughout the fight and is the least effective at hurting the Mkono, as it will often attack the player with the Flamethrower unless its arms have been temporarily severed.

Further notes[]

  • The word "Mkono" comes from the Swahili word for "arm", which refers to the creature's abilities to stretch its arms, lash them out like whips, and even regrow them after they've been destroyed.
  • Yoshinori Matsushita designed Uroboros Mkono to take on a tree-like form akin to a bonsai, feeling the towering monster as intended would not look right is humanoid.[1][excerpt 1]



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