The Uroboros Research Facility is a location in Resident Evil 5, featuring Chapter 5-2 where the Uroboros Mkono is battled. Chapter 5-3 will be continued in this area, right after the Uroboros Mkono is defeated.


Chapter 5-2

Player begins by walking through the hallway, then jump down where there are five crates containing items: Handgun Ammo, Rifle Ammo, Flame Round and Incendiary Grenade. The entrance to the research facility requires an assist from a partner to enter.

A cutscene will played showing Chris and Sheva meet Excella where she have an unidentified man that mutated into a Uroboros Mkono. Excella left the monster, which Chris and Sheva must face with the help of a flamethrower which can be found inside the Research Facility.

When the battle begins, player can run to a safe distance or grabbing necessary items that can be found around the facility. Uroboros Mkono's ranged attacks can be dodged by following button prompts. Player can defeat the monster by shooting all of the clusters that hold its limbs. There are also multiple explosive gases that can be knocking down by Chris, and shoot upon whenever the monster is closed enough to it. Once player is introduce to the Flamethrower, quickly order the Co-op partner to pick it up. With the monster still in its weakened state, lead the Co-op partner over to it and she will unleash a barrage of flame to reveal the creature's weak spot.[1] At some point, the Co-op partner will drop the flamethrower either to heal themselves or knocked off their feet. Once the flamethrower is empty, the co-op partner will automatically placed it back on the docking station.

By inflicting enough damage the Uroboros Mkono will be defeated; Chapter 5-2 will end.

Chapter 5-3

The chapter will begin inside the facility, where player had battled the Uroboros Mkono. Go through the unlocked door and examines the fan on the right. There will be a BSAA Emblems behind it where player can shoot.[2]

Next, player can proceed toward the office that is located on the west side of the map. The office will contains various items; machine gun ammo, shotgun shell and a file "Directions for use of Uroboros Virus". There's a also a Sapphire (Marquise) that can be found inside a safe.[3] Then, player can proceed toward the long corridor which leads to the Missile Area 2nd Floor.


Location Localization Original script
The locked door It's locked!



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