aka Rage of Freedom and Power

  • I live in the last place you want to see me enraged!
  • My occupation is I go where I'm accepted for my contributions, regardless of opinions
  • I am a lord of outcasts with the nerve to fight back in any way they can

About me

My name is Aggression25, and I live in a world you wouldn't fully understand.


If you can't beat the undead, take your own life. It's better than walking around without a soul.

My contributions

My favorite pages

  • Jem & the Holograms Wiki (former favorite)
  • Law & Order Wiki
  • Avatar Wiki
  • Attack on Titan Wiki
  • Braceface Wiki
  • Lucifer Wiki
  • Wolf's Rain Wiki
  • Spirited Away Wiki
  • Fantastic Four Wiki
  • Killer Instinct Wiki
  • Disney Wiki
  • Mythology Wiki
  • Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog Wiki
  • DCAU Wiki
  • Akira Wiki
  • Thir13en Ghosts Wiki
  • The Sorcerer's Apprentice Wiki
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki
  • X-Men Movies Wiki
  • X-Men Evolution Wiki
  • Pokémon Wiki
  • AnimeVice Wiki
  • Sleepy Hollow Wiki
  • Arrow Wiki
  • Steven Universe Wiki
  • Species Wiki
  • Power Rangers Wiki
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