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Hi there, I'm a fan of the films by the way. I love the RE films, they're very entertaining. I don't edit regularly here so you might find me on the Planet terror wiki. I really like the Alice character because she can take care of herself. I hate watching films and wondering to myself if they're going to live or not; except in a Final Destination film, when watching a Final Destination film, the question is not if "they're going to die?", the question is "when and how will they die?" Apart from the Resident Evil series, the only good zombie films would be Planet Terror and the 28 Days later films. Like I said, I don't play video games but if I did, I would go with Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil: Revelations, Alice: Madness Returns, Silent Hill: Homecoming and Rule of Rose. My favorite game character is Sherry in RE6, Chris Redfield, Ada Wong and Jill Valentine. My favorite film is Sucker Punch.

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