aka El Rocky Raccoon

  • I live in Raccoon City
  • I was born on April 23
  • My occupation is Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Guardian of the Galaxy
  • I am Male

About meEdit

Just like everyone else here, I love the series ever since the first game (which scared the shit out of me when I was a kid). Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 are definitely my favourites, I loved the series transitions to the over-the-shoulder 3rd Person Shooter. I also love how in RE5, specially when playing online, the Partner Button is context-sensitive; you can easily tell them to wait, charge, and even thank without having to rely on voice communication. It's brilliant, as expected of Capcom.

I'm extremely addicted to Melee Moves, I use them whenever I have a chance. I loved how they improved greatly how you use reaction commands in RE5, where you working together with your partner and timing shots can unleash a flurry of melee attacks.

I play RE5 regurlarly on XBOX Live, mostly The Mercenaries Reunion and Story Mode. My gamertag is the same as here, BINGBANPOE (in caps). I mostly play Sheva on Story Mode (maybe because 90% of the players who I join the game play Chris) and Rebecca/Barry/Fairy Tale Sheva in The Mercenaries Reunion. If you wanna play, just message me. ;D

I also play Mass Effect 3's Galaxy at War and sometimes Red Dead Redemption. Outside of XBOX, I cherish deeply Okami and Hand God Hand, both great PS2 games from deceased Capcom's subdivision, Clover Studios (today know as Platinum Games).

Weapons of ChoiceEdit

Resident Evil 4:

• Handgun: Red9

• Machine Gun: None

• Shotgun: Striker

• Sniper Rifle: Semi-Auto Rifle

• Magnum: Broken Butterfly

Resident Evil 5:

• Handgun: None or Beretta 93R

• Machine Gun: AK-74

• Shotgun: M3

• Sniper Rifle: H&K PSG-1

• Magnum: L. Hawk

• Other: Stun Rod

Favorite Melee Attacks:

• Rising Upper (Chris)

• Neck Break (Chris)

• Throat Slit (Sheva)

• Head Grab (Jill)

• Maximum Straight (Josh)

• Suplex (Josh)

• Disco Spin (Excella)

• First Aid (Excella)

• Headbutt (Barry)

• Gunbash (Barry)

• Miranda Rights (Barry)

• Flame Spray/Double Flame Spray (Rebecca)

• Stun Gun (Rebecca)

Trivia and NotesEdit

  • I'm not a huge fan of the Resident Evil holywood movies. Alice, in my opinion, is a stupid character (though Jovovich is hot as usual, and a damn good actress), the plot is weak and confusing, as they try to adequate to the games, but poorly. Despite that, they picked some really nice actors to play the characters, specially for Jill, Chris and even Wesker. However the movie lacks the vibe and theming of the series, which makes that shitty live action from the first game better than all the movies combined.
    • Resident Evil: Degeneration, on the other hand, is awesome (for the obvious reason of being produced by CAPCOM itself), despite the critics being pretty harsh with it (but I don't care about them).
  • I like playing RE5 online with nice people good at teamwork, who makes strategies to easily decimate enemies, who use melee attacks (instead of shooting and shooting and shooting...), and specially those who support and pay attention to the partner. In other words, synergy. Sure, I'm not the best player in the world, but I know how to do teamwork. I'm patient though, and I'll be happy to teach anyone anytime how to play with proper teamwork.
  • I'm not a huge fan of using Unlimited Ammo in RE5, unless it's on Professional and/or there's actually some dedicated gameplay involved coming from the other player (like using Melees instead of spamming fire). Rocket Launchers are ok, but only for some annoying part or boss fights.
  • I play mostly with Sheva on Story Mode, because 90% of the players online go with Chris. But in fact, Sheva is shorter, which makes easier to aim in the Majini's legs and proceed with sweet Throat Slit.
  • My favourite character in The Mercenaries Reunion is Rebecca. I often play with Barry, Excella and Fairy Tale Sheva.

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