To-do list

Ideas or what's missing

  • Editing all templates' to include the related category by default.

Note: It'll help when you have a page that's shared by multiple templates, it'll automatically fill the default categories while you're only required to add the rest, when you're in edit mode, you'll only see the added categories on the bottom-right.

  • Virus and B.O.W. templates' contents need revision.
  • Template:Raccoon City need a cleanup and proper linking in the games' templates (in lore or whatever).
  • Enemy Vehicles pages for RE6
  • Missing Fish page for RE5. Make a general page for it for their appearances?
  • Simplified and to the point listing of the differences between versions/regions of a game. (Console game versions)


  • Colors for templates: Survivor 2, Dead Aim and Mercenaries 3D.
  • Missing colors and logos: Prelude to the Fall and Heavenly Island
  • Order of the templates' elements + Interviews and Trailers placements, if we separate between the types of promotions Trailers, CMs and Interviews and whatnot.
  • Episodes and Chapters guides that I mentioned before that were lacking links (they have the in-game dialogues)
  • Explosives, traps, barrels and etc lol. How to classify them and where do we mention each one of them.
  • Raccoon City lore locations, business and etc's placement in RE3's lore template and how are they accessed.
  • Unused Dialogues, adding them or not
  • "X by Title or Installment"
  • Episodes and Chapters guides links in the templates
  • Template:Resident Evil Gaiden rooms
  • Listing stuff

Take these off my hands

  • CODE:Veronica's health page is missing the japanese descriptions.
  • Update RE5's Air boat page with what's on the BSAA Remote Desktop file.
  • BSAA Remote Desktop's mention of BSAA's departments, if there's a way to add them there:

WRD (possibly for Weapons Research Department), Technology Research Bureau, Analysis Bureau, Planning Bureau, Management Department).


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