aka Chris

  • I live in Megaton
  • I was born on December 31
  • My occupation is Computer Technician, etc,etc.
  • I am Male
Mercworx Goliath

This is my Mercworx Goliath, sorry i couldn't take a real pic, my camera is all shit!

About me

Hello! Since you are reading this I suppose I should tell you something about myself... I am a big time resident evil fan, horror survival games, and mostly shootouts. I am currently attending the college that focuses on computer science, I'm very social and I try to maintain relationships as long as I can. So err... Not much to tell than that. Thanks for visiting, I guess ;)

TOPS Steel Eagle 107C

TOPS Steel Eagle 107C

Mercworx Sniper

Mercworx Sniper

My contributions

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