Resident Evil Revelations E3 2010 Announcement Trailer, also known as the 2010 Debut Trailer, was the first trailer released ever for Resident Evil: Revelations. It includes scenes and overall different plot that never made it into the final game.

Some features of this version were also carried over to the E3 2010 Preview demo (which is know as the Pilot Demo, which released with Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D).


2010 DebutEdit

Pilot DemoEdit


2010 DebutEdit

2010 Pilot DemoEdit

This was first shown on stage and on demo units of the Nintendo 3DS in E3 2010, it was later featured along with Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Cartridges.

In this version, Jill retains her old face and voice actress from Resident Evil 5, she is also able to open and kick doors in a similar fashion. The player must also hold a button to run, just like Resident Evil 5. When an Ooze is killed, it will not melt into a pool of blood.

Additionally, when opening the door where the Chris/Mysterious man figure is bond to a chair, Jill would not talk or callout the man as Chris, a context would simply say "A man is bound to a chair, I can't tell if he's breathing from here."

The ship interior was also slightly different, and instead of Rachel, there was a man who was also a member of the FBC. The demo simply ends after killing the Oozes that killed him.


Chris: Somehow, I always managed to come through. Not this time. I, I messed up.

Jill: You think you'll get away with this?

Chris: I already have Jill.

Jill: Did you? do you have it?

Chris: Maybe, you'll have to kill me to find out.

(The man on chair laughs)

Mysterious Man on chair: And what would you do if you found it? It doesn't matter, because you're already...

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The cast were the same previously feature cast from Resident Evil 5, With Patricia Ja Lee reprising her role as Jill, instead of being replaced by Michelle Ruff.

Character name English actor
Jill Valentine Patricia Ja Lee
Chris Redfield Roger Craig Smith
Unknown Man Unknown


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