Key of Destiny

aka Matt

  • I was born on May 22
  • I am Male

About me

Hey, my name's Matt. When I made this account/user, I was heavily into the Kingdom Hearts games, so I named it after Roxas of Organization XIII. Now, I've kinda moved on into Resident Evil, but I still like to play a little KH every now and then. I like dogs, video games, reading, chess.....and no, I don't think this is a dating website. My thoughts on Resident Evil, just to get them out there: classic games are best of course, RE5 could have been better, darker and scarier, but still having the epic battle with Wesker of course. Personally, I think it could have just had more scares and a darker atmosphere while also maybe going a little less heavy on the weaponry. Although I guess that problem kinda started with 4, huh?

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