Hi Im william scott ahrens but just call me Ltscott. I love resident evil. I have played and beaten pretty much every resident evil game I've managed to get hold of and it is my goal to do everything I can to help this wiki. I was a major contributor to the rainbow six wiki and plan on contributing to this wiki. I am the first sergeant of Bravo company in Army jrotc and if you have a xbox 360 and feel like doing coop my gamer tag is LT SCOTT.


  • I am the founder and leader of the user group B.S.A.A. of RE if you have any question about it just leave me,Krauser Pk18 or tyrant-666 a message on either of our talk page and also please leave your signature because it hard to reply to a message if we dont know who left it.

If you want to read some good reviews I have a blog at this website if I've made any mistake in the blog please leave a comment on the blog are a message on my talk page.

Achievements in resident evil 5

I have logged in over 80 hours of gameplay and i have completed 100% of the game.

Me and my friend ShuntrucNahunte are currently ranked 972-973 out of 459,685 on the duo leader boards

If you need help in the game just leave me a message on xbox live and I'll try to help you. My gamer tag is LT SCOTT.

please dont copy this I would greatly respect it if you made your own.
250px-Albert Wesker RE5 This is a message to everybody who has lost faith in the resident evil series. if you truly are a fan you will remain loyal to the game series no matter what. That is what truly being a fan is. -Ltscott|-.
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