Mr. Merchant

aka Cody

  • I live in California, USA
  • I was born on June 26
  • My occupation is Merchant
  • I am Male

About Me "Ovah Here, Stranjah".

I was introduced to Resident Evil in 2011. I'm currently 18, and my favorite game will forever be Resident Evil 4. My Favorite RE character is Luis Sera, And Jack Krauser is my favorite antagonist. I own The Mercenaries 3D, so message me if your interested in my code. I have devoted myself to reading every page there is about Resident Evil 4, in order to become an expert on that specfic game. So far, I have achieved exactly that, with a lust for more. As you have probably already guessed, I am indeed a Merchant.

   All Prices Final!

My contributions

My favorite pages

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  • Luis Sera Page
  • Jack Krauser Page
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