aka Angelo

  • I live in New York
  • I was born on November 5
  • My occupation is College Student, Baking Clerk
  • I am Male

About me Hello. My name is Angelo and I have been playing Resident Evil since I was a little kid. My first Resident Evil game I played was Code Veronica X, but in time I ended up playing 9 of them and beating 7 of them. I originally came from the My Little Pony With Guns Call Of Duty Wiki. On that wiki, I was/Still am, the Resident Evil Fanboy of the wiki. I found out about this wiki shortly after I started becoming more active on the wikiverse. I decided to use my experiences and knowledge learned from the Call of Duty wiki to better this one. On the wiki, I am more of a community person than a serious editor, but whenever I see that an edit needs to be made, I will make it. I try and be as nice and openly honest as possible to everyone. Except for trolls. I hate Trolls...

Can Usually Be Found...

  • Editing Random Pages (Usually staff pages, The Random Page Button loves Resident Evil Staff)
  • On CODWiki
  • Replying to Blog Posts
  • On CODWiki/REWiki Chat
  • Playing MW3, or RE5
  • Chilling with Friends
  • In Class

Did you know

  • That...Im an art student in college, even though im not that great...
  • That...I also enjoy the Pokemon series, Devil May Cry series, and alot of other games....
  • That...95% of the time im on this website, I am on my iPad, and I can only edit in source mode.
  • That...I can play guitar, even though I suck, and can only really play nostalgic game music.
  • That...I listen to 4 Main kinds of music, Rock, Punk, Metal, and Dubstep.

Art I Have Done

  • A quick drawing of the M1897 Trench Gun, drawn in about five minutes with a sharpie marker. Why a Trench Gun, You ask? It's an inside joke between me and my friends...

Resident Evil

X-box Live Gamertag

Xbox live Gamertag: Necromancer115

(If you want to play Resident Evil 5 with me, which I doubt you do but just in case, send me a message saying your from REWiki, and leave me your REWiki username as well so I know who I'm playing with. Thanks)

Games Ive Beaten | System | Comments

Resident Evil | Gamecube REmake | Both Chris and Jill Scenario.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis | Sega Dreamcast | First RE game I actually beat.

Resident Evil 4 | Gamecube | Multiple times, and on Professional once.

Resident Evil 5 | Xbox360 | 50/50 Achievements, and have Inf. Ammo for all weapons.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X | Playstation 2 | finished with 99:99, accidentally left it on for a week.

Resident Evil Survivor | Playstation | In 2 1/2 hours.

Resident Evil: Dead Aim | Playstation 2 | Both Bruce McGivern and Fong Ling Scenario.

Games Ive Played But Never Beaten | System | Why I didnt beat it

Resident Evil 2 | Gamecube | Got about 80% done with it, then I had to give it back to blockbuster.

Resident Evil Outbreak | Playstation 2 | Died on the last boss. I got knocked to the floor, and because I had the Daylight, I had no Virus Gauge, and i had no one to help me up. I spent the next 15 minutes crawling up to the boss, hoping he could kill me while I was downed, screaming "KILL ME" at the TV. I eventully died, and had to start over after doing that for 3 hours straight. Instead of doing that, I said "F*ck that..." and quit.

There might be more but I forget at the moment.....

Movies I Saw | DVD? [X] | Comments

Resident Evil | [X] | Got the Ressurected Edition Double Pack with Apocalypse for $7.50 at K-Mart(The Irony).

Resident Evil: Apocalypse | [X] | My favorite movie of the trilogy

Resident Evil: Extinction | [X] | The First Resident Evil DVD I ever owned.

Resident Evil: Afterlife | [] | The Coinstar(My nickname for the Coin Shotgun), nuff said... :D

My Mercenaries Loadout

This was inspired by a random Blog post a while ago, and I figured I would add it up here with some minor revisions, and adding my own moveset. You can put this in your user page too, If you want.

  • Name: Necro
  • Knife: Survival Knife
  • Melee:
    • Move 1: Rising Falcon: If the enemy is stunned or hit in the head, Swap to the M1014, and uppercut them with the gun's stock. This keeps the weapon equipped.
    • Move 2: Fireworks: If the enemy is on the floor, Swap to the M1014, and shoot them point blank in the face. This keeps the weapon equipped. If there is no ammo in the gun, Crush the enemies head with the stock of the gun.
    • Move 3: Blackout: If the enemy is hit in his knee, and you are behind him, Swap to the Colt M1911 and shoot him in the back of the head. This keeps the weapon equipped. If theres no ammo in the gun, replace with a pistol whip.
    • Move 4: The Ripper: If the enemy was hit in the arm, and you are in front of him, Grab him, Put your MP5 to his chest and fire up to 5 rounds into him. This keeps the weapon equipped. If there isnt at least 5 rounds in the gun, fire as many as are left in the clip. If there's no ammo in the gun, hit them in the face with the gun itself.
    • Move 5: Striker: If the enemy is hit in kis knee (Preferably by an arrow :D ), and you are in front, pull out the Colt M1911, and pistol whip him right across the face with powerful force.
    • Move 6: Nighmares: If the enemy was hit in the arm, and you are behind him, swap to the MP5 and choke him from behind with the gun. This keeps the weapon equipped.
    • Move 7: Final Eulogy: Combo Finisher Swap to the Colt M1911, shoot the enemy in both legs, as he falls to his knees, quickly switch to the MP5 and put a bullet in both arms, and then switch to the M1014 and shoot him point blank in the head. This move does not alternate if the player has no ammo. The M1014 will stay out after the move is completed.



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  • Get in the top 10 on the Achievement list []
  • Get 600 Edits [X]
  • Get 650 Edits []
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Wikia's I appear in | Status | Rank

Call of Duty Wiki | Very Active | Ranked 1,115,666,842,7536.2/1,115,666,842,7536.3 on Wiki (Approximation)

Resident Evil Wiki | Active | Ranked 20/1404 on Wiki (I need to regain my spot on the leaderboards :)

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Pictures I Have Contributed

Death By Chris's Crotch

I died and the camera panned perfectly to chris's crotch. I lol'd.

Not much of an actual contribution... but im putting it here for now.

Necro's Enhanced Emoticon Pack 1

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