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Leon Kennedy by Pilislayer
Re4leonscottkennedy - "Umbrella's going down, whether I'm here to see it or not.":
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Hi! My first talk box is successful! Credit must go to Maverick King for the extremely awesome job he did on this!!!!

Hellooo thereee!!

I'm Re4leonscottkennedy, third active administrator on this Wiki. I'm also the founder of the Fallout Fanon Wiki, but that's another story. And...also a member of Roleplay Wiki, RPG Wiki, TESFanon Wiki, Fiction Wiki, Creative Sci-Fi Wiki, Constructed Mythology get the idea. To start with, I wasn't originally an admin. I got there by just, well, editing ALOT, and believe me when I type ALOT in those capital letters, I mean ALOT. I devoted myself to this Wiki for a long, long, long time, made new pages, edited and fixed stuff, added trailers, and made new friends. If you guys need anything, just hit a line on my talk page, or email me at



I am filled with a sole objective to correct grammar and spelling, revert vandalism and false information, provide more information, hunt down Umbrella, destroy all vandals, and hunt down Umbrella. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Wikis I'm active on

Roleplay Wiki
Resident Evil Wiki
Gory Storm - A Resident Evil Fanon Wiki
Constructed Horror Wiki
Constructed Mythology

Game Series Info

Favorite Male Hero: Leon S. Kennedy (RE4)

Favorite Female Hero: Ada Wong (RE4)

Favorite Antagonist: Albert Wesker(Though he's evil and a jerk,he's still cool with the gold-red cat eyes,lol,Albert Whisker)

Favorite Game: Resident Evil 4

Favorite Virus: G-Virus

Favorite Gun: Desert Eagle Magnum

Favorite Creature: Tyrant

Favortie Boss: Saddler (The spider form is challenging)

Favorite Book(s): City of the Dead and Underworld

Favorite NPC: The Merchant (Hey, if a guy sells me stuff that cheap, he's my pal!)

Favorite Minor Character: HUNK (Human Unit Never Killed; in short: the coolest minor c. ever!!!!!!!!!)

Favorite Movie: Resident Evil: Degeneration

Least Favorite Male Hero: Steve Burnside

Least Favorite Female Hero: None.

Least Favorite Antagonist(s): Alfred Ashford (plain dork) and Osmund Saddler (Retarded Stiff)

Least Favorite Game: Resident Evil Gaiden (Non-Canon poop!)

Least Favorite Movie: All of them (cept Degen)

Least Favorite Virus: Las Plagas (Makes everyone retarded and makes their heads weaker, not even sure it's a virus)

Least Favorite Gun: Handgun (so weak, so dumb, so beginner)

Least Favorite Creature: Ganados (They are plaga infected creeps!)

Least Favorite Boss: Bitores Mendez (He has an interactive cutscene and two phases for his boss battle, such a nuisance!)

Least Favorite Book: How can you not like a book, especially one with Resident Evil!

Least Favorite NPC: ASHLEY!!!!!!"You Pervert!" Excuse me, but I'll say sorry as soon as I'm done getting these ten arrows from from my torso and back after blocking you from the bowgunners. Only good thing she does is being a target and a shield when she has knight armor.

Least Favorite Minor Character: I don't have one, Stupid!

Personal Info

[Note: The information below is partly non-canon and fiction]

Name: Victor D.

Home: Raccoon City

Age:*Quickly glances at you* "what'd ya need to know that for?!"

Rank: S.T.A.R.S. Captain, shooting range operator and founder, head viral researcher, and anti-umbrella task force captain

Weapons:Desert Eagle, two Double Barrel Semi-auto 12-gauge shotguns (AKA Double Barrel Strikers), M44 rifle, the Colt 1911 9mm, Tactical Machine Pistol(TMP)

Equipment: tac gear, bullet proof vest, combat boots, a combat knife in a quick-release sheath, a flashlight, a grappling hook, a pair of binoculars, a combat harness, and brains

Occupation(s):Ex-RPD Officer, Ex-Anti Umbrella Activist, S.T.A.R.S. Member, current Viral Researcher, shooting range operator, US Government Agent, anti-umbrella task force captain, and current "Legal" Gun Dealer

Friend(s): Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Barry Burton, Ada Wong (current whereabouts unknown, likely dealing with Whisker, oops, I mean Wesker), and the Merchant!!!!!

Hobbies:Target Practice, Virus Making, Zombie Hunting, shooting umbrella goons, and tuning up guns

Infected: G-Virus (cured)and Las Plagas (cured)

Viruses made:K-Virus (Killer Virus), M-Virus (Messiah Virus)

Status: Alive and well

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