Robert S.T.A.R.S

aka Robert

  • I live in South America, Venezuela
  • I was born on February 3
  • My occupation is System Operator in MediaWiki Software, programming in HTML, CSS, Java Script and Python language. Former contents translator (English - Spanish) ACTIVE TIME: 2006 - 2016.
  • I am Man / Hombre / Homme

About meEdit

I'm Sysop on Resident Evil Wiki in Spanish.... there you can see my full profile.

'Fan since childhood (2000), "I tend to be very picky when play online with new people, expelling them if they are bad or lack familiarity with the game because they do not serve at high levels as teammates", I really like the series since my childhood and I can say that there is nothing more nostalgic for me than play the first Resident Evil.

I don't like Paul W.S. Anderson's films.

Player no. 58 among the top 100 best of RE5 LiN (xboxlive letterboards) many of the top positions are occupied by hackers and modders. Among the top of RE Rev2 (xboxlive letterboards).

You can find me on Xbolive and add me to play online, if you need help in some game just let me know,  here is my gamertag RS GEAR XL2. I am bilingual Spanish / English, greetings to all of you, is a pleasure to collaborate on Resident Evil Wiki.

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