Hello I'm Spleepoppetween (Splee-poe-pop-eh-tween) I'm a long time fan of resident evil and a lover of things of the psychological and horror genre. Resident evil has to be has to be one of my favourite game series along with Silent Hill.

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Resident Evil Games I Own

  • RE 0
  • REmake
  • RE 2
  • RE 3
  • RE 4
  • RE Revelations
  • RE 5 (Gold Edition)
  • RE 6
  • RE Outbreak 1 & 2
  • RE Code Veronica X
  • RE Operation Raccoon City
  • RE Umbrella Chronicles
  • RE Darkside Chronicles

I also own "The Art of Resident Evil 5", the first S.D Perry novel, and the red limited edition resident evil 5 Xbox.

High Quality Capcom Costume Idea

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