aka Kace

  • I live in Minnesota
  • I was born on August 24
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am male

About me

Hello everyone i am i wish that name was a bit famous or a bit known in any sense haha. I am working as a full time student and in my free time I work with voice acting I am currently attached to a awesome project in development called Sonic X the Abridged series and on the message list for several fandubs and flash art youtube series. WHich isnt a real big deal but its a hobby and keeps me sharp as an actor which i smy passion. I am steadily making gramical changes and adding to the pages when i can on as many wikis as i can help with. Freedom and information on here is so amazing and i probably spend half of my class time reading trivia its justs really cool to look at these small things that you don't maybe even notice. I'm a very kind person as anyone who talks or chats with me will determine but if i see someone being unkind to someones opinion on a discussion board i will defend them. This is a place of collective knowledge and is only fair that it be treated as one. +Message Approved By The Yipster

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