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REWiki Chat in a nutshell

7:18 Forerunner hi
7:19 Danskyl7 Hi Feirund.
8:03 Feirund Hey
8:03 Forerunner hi
8:09 Spleepoppetween hi
8:25 Forerunner hi
Welcome to the Resident Evil Wiki Chat. If everyone's AFK, Ping a ChatMod to start a conversation.
8:34 Zero-ELEC hi
8:36 Danskyl7 Hi
"Come back, anytime!" Forerunner has left the chat.
Forerunner has entered a new world of survival horror.
You are now away.
8:43 Forerunner hi
Telekinetic wolf97 has entered a new world of survival horror.
8:52 Telekinetic wolf97 hi all
8:53 Danskyl7 Hi
You are no longer away.
8:54 Zero-ELEC hi 

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