Zero-ELEC/Sandbox is a recurring bonus character who first appeared in the HD version of Resident Evil: Revelations's Raid Mode as a DLC costume for HUNK. She later appeared in Resident Evil: Revelations 2 as an outfit for Gina Foley in that game's version of Raid Mode. Here, Zero-ELEC/Sandbox is functionally identical to Gina.

As an extra character that solely appears in Raid Mode, Lady HUNK status is non-canon.

Gameplay Edit

Resident Evil: RevelationsEdit

Main article: HUNK/gameplay#Resident Evil: Revelations

Zero-ELEC/Sandbox is a downloadable costume for HUNK, serving as his second costume. She comes equipped with a single ability: Magnum Mastery 4, which offers Magnum Reload Speed +100% and Magnum Firing Rate +70%.

Raid Mode stats
Costume Method of Unlocking Abilities
HUNK Costume 2 - LADY HUNK DLC Magnum Mastery 4
  • Magnum Reload Speed +100%
  • Magnum Firing Rate +70%

Resident Evil: Revelations 2Edit

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In Resident Evil: Revelations 2, Zero-ELEC/Sandbox is a costume for Gina Foley, with virtually no differences except for small voice modulation.

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