Zero-ELEC Oh, man, people complaining about Albert being gone saying this game is gonna bring him back.
3:12 Mrox2 they can dream
for eternity, it wont happen
what do you think, The-Mister-Mister
3:14 The-Mister-Mister Albert is nasty
3:14 Mrox2 lol
3:15 Zero-ELEC So far, are there any changes to Barry's campaign by doing something specific in Claire's, besides the Pustules/globs on the ground, the Fire Bust and the skippable Boss Fight?
*any other
3:24 The-Mister-Mister I'd tell you but it'd be considered a spoiler.
3:25 Zero-ELEC I said So Far
I.e. in the material currently released.
3:26 The-Mister-Mister But that's still a spoiler
You just revealed spoilers dude :/
I think the admin is going to ban you now.
3:28 Zero-ELEC I think you need to stop being so passive agressive.
3:28 The-Mister-Mister Excuse me?
I'm only trying to help you.
You posted spoilers thus, you are probably going to be dealt with by the admin.
That's a fact.
3:29 Zero-ELEC I get it, you think you were banned unfairly. (Spoilers: you probably weren't)
3:29 The-Mister-Mister Spoilers are NIOT allowed.
Wow, you're so rude.
I do not wish to stand for this.
Admin please resolve this.
3:31 Mrox2 Forerunner
I agree though
3:31 The-Mister-Mister You're just trying something with me and it failed.
At the end of the day, stop posting spoilers.
3:31 Mrox2 I've not played RE0
3:31 Zero-ELEC What?
3:31 The-Mister-Mister Accept your wrong doing.
3:31 Mrox2 Please lock it
I do not wish to see it, don't discuss it here as well.
I hope my wishes will be respected.
3:32 Zero-ELEC You two are the most unsuccessful trolls I've ever seen.
Bar none.
3:32 The-Mister-Mister Exactly. Some people don't want spoilers.
Cool story
3:32 Mrox2 that's not a nice thing to say.
we do not troll, we're far more grown up to do that thing.
3:32 The-Mister-Mister I feel extremely offended.
Admin please help :/
Remove this rude person from the chat who keeps spoiling.
3:33 Mrox2 I would've demand he gets removed
but at least ones wishes should be respected
and leaning towards sides is wrong, taking sides over all is very wrong.
3:34 The-Mister-Mister Where is the admin?
3:34 Mrox2 actually many people came back complaining how they are offended here.
but its usually not Forerunner responsible with offending the
its others causes issues and they seem VERY Aggressive about every little bit like some people and 7 Ghosts for example
3:34 Forerunner lots of crazy reasons, though...
3:35 Mrox2 I just wish Newsbot was here, at least he doesn't think very far from us
3:35 The-Mister-Mister Please Admin.
Tell him to stop spoiling.
3:35 Forerunner One person accused us of racism because we said that it's biologically possible to get pregnant without being married.
3:35 Zero-ELEC lol
3:35 The-Mister-Mister I feel deeply offended here.
Though I will accept any apologies.
3:35 Forerunner He insisted Jake couldn't be Albert's son because is name isn't Jake Wesker
3:35 The-Mister-Mister Would you like to apologise?
3:36 Zero-ELEC Last names aren't genetic.
3:36 Forerunner I didn't block you; what do I have to apologise?
3:36 The-Mister-Mister Zero-ELEC apologise for posting spoilers please.
3:36 Mrox2 oh well I think he is referring to Zero ?
3:36 Forerunner Ah
thought he was referring to me and Spleep earlier
(too many conversations happen at once here)
3:37 Mrox2 tbh
3:37 Zero-ELEC I posted no spoilers.
3:37 Mrox2 I only like few people here
You and Newsbot are one of them
7 Ghosts has entered a new world of survival horror.
3:37 Mrox2 omg
3:37 The-Mister-Mister You did post spoilers.
3:37 Zero-ELEC I posted: I posted: " So far, are there any changes to Barry's campaign by doing something specific in Claire's, besides the Pustules/globs on the ground, the Fire Bust and the skippable Boss Fight? *any other "
3:38 The-Mister-Mister To quote "Zero-ELEC So far, are there any changes to Barry's campaign by doing something specific in Claire's, besides the Pustules/globs on the ground, the Fire Bust and the skippable Boss Fight? *any other"
These are gameplay spoilers.
3:38 Zero-ELEC Those aren't spoilers as these are all released.
3:38 7 Ghosts Funny that's the topic these two are talking about as soon as I step in here.
3:38 The-Mister-Mister Oh mt word
3:38 Spleepoppetween BEFORE I BAN ALL OF YOU
3:38 Mrox2 don't swear please.
3:38 The-Mister-Mister What is wrong? why so angry.
Please do not ban me.
3:38 Spleepoppetween I AM SICK AND TIRED
3:38 The-Mister-Mister PLEASE I beg : (
3:38 Mrox2 it's not needed.
3:38 Spleepoppetween OF COMIGN BACK
3:38 7 Ghosts Same complaints I had when no mods were in here at that.
3:39 Mrox2 you don't have to use caps either, calmdown.
3:39 The-Mister-Mister ?
3:39 Spleepoppetween then stop
3:39 The-Mister-Mister Please calm down
3:39 Spleepoppetween just
3:39 The-Mister-Mister What's going on? I'm confused...
Someone posted a spoiler and I requested an apology.
Then you come in here raging out saying you'll ban us all.
Sorry but what?
I feel you're blowing it out of proportion.
Please calm down.
3:40 Zero-ELEC Dude, you are the worst troll I have ever seen.
3:40 Spleepoppetween I'm going to be calm when this bullshit stops
3:40 The-Mister-Mister ?
3:40 Zero-ELEC Please, stop.
3:40 Spleepoppetween now end the convo
3:40 The-Mister-Mister I'm not even trolling.
3:40 Spleepoppetween this is the 5th time this week
3:40 The-Mister-Mister For goodness sake -_-
3:40 Spleepoppetween I had to tell people to stop
now just stop
3:41 The-Mister-Mister How very dramatic. I must say... smh....
3:41 Mrox2 if the later then I suggest you take a nap or something and relax, this is unhealthy.
3:41 The-Mister-Mister Now where was I...
3:41 Spleepoppetween excuse me?
3:41 The-Mister-Mister Resident Evil 5 runs on MTFramework engine.
Did you know that Capcom "cheated"
3:41 Spleepoppetween its unhealthy I have to deal with such bullshit
3:41 The-Mister-Mister Their whole archive system is like a hack.
3:41 Spleepoppetween ALL the fucking time
3:42 The-Mister-Mister The flags are backwards which doesn't make sense.
3:42 Mrox2 you should not let this take a huge part of your life
thus getting angry on this is unhealthy
which is why you need to calm down
3:42 Spleepoppetween I should not have to deal with this shit to begin with
3:42 The-Mister-Mister If it makes you feel better
3:42 Spleepoppetween stop being an asshole
3:42 The-Mister-Mister Ban us all then.
3:42 Spleepoppetween stop being passive agressive to people
3:42 The-Mister-Mister I'm sorry to have bothered you admin.
3:42 Mrox2 why do you have to swear the whole time?
3:42 Spleepoppetween stop causing petty fights
3:43 The-Mister-Mister Are you talking to me?
3:43 Mrox2 you're being aggressive now, we told you to calm down, we didnt swear or insult you or anyone.
3:43 Spleepoppetween I AM NOW
3:43 Mrox2 I think im speaking english too.
3:43 Spleepoppetween of course I am
I'm pissed off
3:43 The-Mister-Mister Why?
3:43 Spleepoppetween that I have to deal with this
3:43 The-Mister-Mister Why are you angry?
This is your duty as an admin :(
3:43 Spleepoppetween I'm getting tired of your attitude Mrox
3:44 Mrox2 .
3:44 The-Mister-Mister Ok i apologise Admin.. please accept :)
*Hugs spleepopetween*
Can we be friends? :)
3:44 Spleepoppetween sure
3:44 The-Mister-Mister :D
3:45 Mrox2 just calm down and dont burst like this again, you don't really have too, do you think we're your enemies now, seriously?
3:45 Zero-ELEC Jesus Christ
please stop
3:45 The-Mister-Mister Please do not disrespect Jesus Christ.
I will stop you right there.
3:46 Mrox2 as an admin I'd expect someone with high manners and calm, it just doesn't give a good image, SORRY HERE TOO, *Hugs*
just an advice, take it or leave it, up to you.
3:46 Spleepoppetween I have been being calm since I've got here
3:46 The-Mister-Mister Ok new subject now
What is your favorite Resident Evil game?
3:46 Spleepoppetween and I'm done with trying to be passive with things
because obviously it isn't enough 
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