About Me

I dont know what to say here. Erhmmm.....

Ok I'm kinda New here... I love Resident Evil!! (Except the Shit One). I have played and completed every resident evil game like ever (Except Gaiden). Currently I own Resident Evil 1,2, 3,Code Veronica X And Umbrella Chronicles (Which I sold the rest to buy).

I chose the Name Zombie-Killer69 because I love to kill zombies (and other creatures) but Zombie Killer was already taken so I just put a random number on the end :) Lovin' this site its the best Resident Evil Site ever like it should win a friggin award or sumtin! And So should I !!

I don't really have much else to say here... except.. GIMME THAT AWARD!!!

Favourites (and not so Favourites)

Favorite Male Character: Barry Burton

Favorite Female Character: Jill Valentine

Favorite Villian: Albert Wesker

Favorite Game: Resident Evil 2... but 3 is a close 2nd

Favorite Weapon: Handcannon

Favorite Creature: Hunter

Favorite Minor Character: Marvin Branagh (What a Man)

Least Favorite Male Character: Steve Burnside

Least Favorite Female Character: Sherry Birkin

Least Favorite Villian: The Midget Dude from RE 4

Least Favorite Game: Resident Evil 4 (Like whats the point in having an RE Game that doesn't have the T-Virus in it!!??)

Least Favorite Gun: Spark Shot (Like WTF!!??)

Least Favorite Creature: Ganados (I Really don't like that game)

Least Favorite Minor Character: Yoko Suzuki

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