It appears that the current voice actors are about to be replaced with non-union voice actors. Both Matthew Mercer and Alyson Court are not gonna reprised their roles as both Leon and Claire in the remake.

So Claire's voice actress in Revelations 2 is Danielle Nicolet which is the reason why her alias is a guy named "James Baker" to make Claire speaks in a deeper tone and imitating Roger Craig Smith's performance as Chris Redfield when he angrily yells. Right now she was the regular actress for The Flash Season 5. I'm guessing that she would voiced her again in the remake version. I just watched its official trailer. We better guess more non union voice actors there soon. Since RE2 (remake) is now officially coming out. The DevianART made the present Resident Evil 2 characters are excited to see their realistic appearances in the remake as Moira Burton from Revelations 2 are with them.

The older casts in Resident Evil 2

Leon, Ada, Sherry (right) Claire and Moira (Left)