With the big release of the RE6 trailer, many people have been speculating on what might happen to the old characters and who might the new characters be. It looks to me as though Chris Redfield might be on his last mission. He is getting old and fed up with all this bioterrorism nonsense he is forced to deal with. It is unclear whether many of the classic characters like Jill or Claire will even be in the game. Leon also looks like he's getting old; he's certainly not in his usual jovial mood. Of the six main characters that were shown, four of them appear to be new. These include Leon's new partner Helena Harper, Chris' new partner Beards, and two unknown characters. There has been much speculation as to who these two are and many solid guesses have been given. At first I thought the blonde girl was Ashley Graham; it would make sense that she would be involved in this game since her father clearly is. However, I started wondering about what ever happened to Sherry Birkin when I realized the close resemblance to the twelve year old that dissappeared years ago. From what I have heard, it is in fact her. As for the "mercenary" she is shown with, I have heard that it is either Alex Wesker, the only surviving Wesker child, or HUNK. I am hoping it is the former, just because they killed off Albert and can't just leave him out of the series. There is a good deal of supporting evidence for either of these claims, and either character would be cool to play as. RE seems to be at a stage of "out with the old, in with the new." It is sad to think that many of our favorite classic characters might be dissappearing from the series, but I would rather think that than have to think that RE would come to an end entirely. This was my first thought when seeing the RE6 trailer. I hope to discuss more future RE speculation on this blog as I learn more and I hope you will share what you think too!

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