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  • Forerunner

    Hey guys, Forerunner here. This is an FAQ I'm writing for uses of the Fandom App and Discussions feature. I hope this can be of use for new users confused about aspects of the website. Leave a message in the Comments section if you can, so I know what else could be added.

    The Resident Evil franchise is split into different universes not-unlike Marvel and Detective Comics. As we focus on the franchise as a whole and not just Capcom's game canon (which we call "Prime Universe" here), we have to include information on characters taken from other universes, be they novels, films, comics, etc. To prevent confusion amongst fans who may thing, for example, the S.D. Perry backstories are canon to the game characters, official policy is to have sepa…

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  • Forerunner

    (this is a draft)

    Welcome back, folks. Here we'll be counting up the Resident Evil 0 death toll, which is likely to be more complicated than the remake death toll. There are several types of Zombie in the game: Passenger, Conductor, Edward, Cook, Special Forces, Hazmat, Executive candidate, Worker and Naked. Each are indicative of the victim's life, and each are uniquely found in certain areas.

    Two Marines were part of Billy Coen's detail.

    RE0 counter

    The train consists of passengers, crew, the Edward Zombie and Special Forces Zombies. For the same of clarity with 'Part 1', we shall ignore Edward.

    • Operator cab
    • Exterior corridor
    • Conductor's room
    • Second car passage
    • Second Class private room A
    • Second Class private room B
    • Second Class passenger car …

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  • Forerunner

    Hey there, folks. To celebrate the anniversary of the Mansion Incident - the events of Resident Evil and (to an extent) Resident Evil 0 - I'm going to go the Slasher Movie route and come up with a Body Count. I'm expecting it to be much higher than people would typically expect, and am going to rely on a combination of book sources as well as background shots. Part 1 is just for the remake, with Part 2 upping the ante with the RE0 body-count. We have five categories of victim - Civilian, Police, Umbrella employees, Umbrella test-subjects and Other. They will be split further between those encountered in-game and those added by supporting material.

    We see no civilians in either game, with the exception of body photos in the remake opening. Inside…

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  • Forerunner

    Hey there, Forerunner here. A few weeks back, we did a Twitter poll asking regular readers who don't contribute why they don't. A significant number answered that they simply do not know WHAT to edit.

    For you fans who really have no idea what needs fixing, we do in fact have a lot of articles to update, and we tag them accordingly. However, many that are tagged are in need of edits the average user may not be too interested in (e.g. listing all the "Examine" text in a particular room in a particular game). Instead, I'll list a few categories full of pages that you can work on without much worry.

    I hope to make this a multi-part series, of which this will be part one. So, let's begin with entry #1 in the list.

    We have articles for most (we hope ev…

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  • Forerunner

    The first Resident Evil movie was produced over a five year period between 1997 and 2002, and was one of the more chaotic developments in the franchise's history next to BIOHAZARD 1.5 and the many Resident Evil 4s, going through various directors; producers and writers with or without anything actually being done. Of course, most of you readers would only be familiar with the Paul W.S. Anderson Resident Evil, which was the most hated movie on the Internet from 2000 until its release, where people stopped caring an agreed it was passable (kinda like that other movie...).

    But this article isn't about Anderson's script - oh, no. This is about the other scripts that his beat out.

    Our first script is credited from Alan B. McElroy, who was the first wri…

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