Hey there, folks. To celebrate the anniversary of the Mansion Incident - the events of Resident Evil and (to an extent) Resident Evil 0 - I'm going to go the Slasher Movie route and come up with a Body Count. I'm expecting it to be much higher than people would typically expect, and am going to rely on a combination of book sources as well as background shots. Part 1 is just for the remake, with Part 2 upping the ante with the RE0 body-count. We have five categories of victim - Civilian, Police, Umbrella employees, Umbrella test-subjects and Other. They will be split further between those encountered in-game and those added by supporting material.


We see no civilians in either game, with the exception of body photos in the remake opening. Inside of BIO-HAZARD gives a figure of 20 fatalities between May and 23 July. Seven of these are tourists killed while hiking, while another thirteen were locals murdered in their own homes.[1][excerpt 1] This likely includes the victims of animal attacks.

Current counter


  • Kevin Dooley, RPD pilot
  • Enrico Marini, Bravo Team leader
  • Forest Speyer
  • Dr. Kenneth J. Sullivan
  • Edward Dewey
  • Richard Aiken
  • Joseph Frost

Dr. Wesker is counted as a casualty in Inside of BIO-HAZARD,[1] but we'll ignore that since he turned out to have faked his death.

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Umbrella employees

Based on Inside of BIO-HAZARD, the Arklay Laboratory was populated by seventy-eight people at the time of the outbreak, split between forty-six staff/guard/maintenance workers, and thirty-two researchers (seven of whom being on loan from Umbrella HQ). These people were either killed/eaten, committed suicide, were shot by S.T.A.R.S. or died in the explosion on the morning of 25 July.[1][excerpt 2]

Looking first at the mansion; courtyard and dormitory, we can count forty-five people indeed (44 bodies + the bee-sting corpse). However, one of these is Forest Speyer, one is Prototype 1, and four are Graveyard Zombies (infected people who were buried alive before the outbreak and infected with a different t-Virus strain). That moves the figure down to thirty-eight.

At the laboratory, we expect to find thirty-two people. Instead we find five Researcher Zombies, three Naked Zombies, and nine cadavers. Inside of BIO-HAZARD claims a number of researchers killed themselves to prevent turning into Zombies, so it's possible they were among the cadavers.

Re-capping, there should be a maximum of seventy-eight bodies we can confirm as current employees, but we only find forty-three. We'll assume Inside of is the correct value and the missing thirty-five employees were eaten.

Current counter (Inside)
Current counter (in-game)

Umbrella test-subjects

Based on Inside of BIO-HAZARD, Umbrella had abducted a number of homeless or transient people for their bio-weapons research as they could not be tracked as missing people. They also gained several prison inmates. The book gives the value of 23 deaths from this category.[1][excerpt 3]

Checking the remake, we see three Naked Zombies, Prototype 1, Lisa Trevor, and the T-002, adding up six people. Seventeen are unaccounted for.

Current counter (Inside)
Current counter (in-game)


Adding the remake-exclusive four Graveyard Zombies to the list, we get:

Current counter (Inside)
Current counter (in-game)


  1. ラクーン市住民 4世帯13名(推定)……研究所より抜け出したゾンビ及びケルベロスの襲撃による被害者。他州よりの旅行者 7名(推定)……登山中にケルベロスの襲撃を受けたものと思われる。 2名を除きすべて単独の登山者。
  2. 館及び寄宿舎の職員 46名(推定)
    ……ウィルス感染によりゾンビとなり、 後にほとんどがS.T.A.R.S.隊員に射殺される。 ただし、 館内で発見された資料から、 最低1名の自殺者がいたことが確認された。

    研究所職員 25名(推定)
    ……ウィルス感染及びゾンビ化した職員の襲撃により死亡した者がほとんど。 ウィルス漏出の事実を早くから知らされていたためか、 自殺者の数は館の職員のそれより多かったようだ。
    本社よりの出向研究者 7名 (推定)

    ……上記人数はすべて行方不明者で遺体の確認はされていない。 場合によっては、 アンブレラ社により隔離されている可能性もあるため、 確実な所在調査が現在の急務である。
  3. 被験者タイプA (氏名未確認) 22名……
    各種B.O.W.の素材としてウィルス投与を行なわれた者。 そのほとんどがS.T.A.R.S.隊員により射殺された。 これらの被験者は、 元はホームレスなどの住居不特定者であったことが予想され、 身元確認は困難を極めている。
    被験者タイプB (氏名未確認) 1名……
    ウィルス投与などの処でタイラントと化した被験者。 研究所爆発のため遺体の確認はできず、 身元の解明はもはや不可能であろう。
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