Hey guys, Forerunner here. This is an FAQ I'm writing for uses of the Fandom App and Discussions feature. I hope this can be of use for new users confused about aspects of the website. Leave a message in the Comments section if you can, so I know what else could be added.

How come there's two pages for the same character?

The Resident Evil franchise is split into different universes not-unlike Marvel and Detective Comics. As we focus on the franchise as a whole and not just Capcom's game canon (which we call "Prime Universe" here), we have to include information on characters taken from other universes, be they novels, films, comics, etc. To prevent confusion amongst fans who may thing, for example, the S.D. Perry backstories are canon to the game characters, official policy is to have separate articles for each universe's iteration of popular characters.

I saw an article I think is badly written. What should I do?

If you think an article is badly written, whether grammatically or having spelling errors, we recommend that you edit the article and correct them. If you're not familiar with editing and think something might go wrong, we have a 'Preview' tool that will let you see what the corrected page will look like. Alternatively, if you're on the Mobile desktop or the Fandom App, you will be unable to edit. Instead, simply leave a comment on the site (Article Comments if on Mobile, the Discussion board if on Fandom App) pointing it out. Remember - if we don't know there's a problem, we can't fix it.

I saw an article that has wrong information. Should I fix it?

Typically, yes. A lot of mistakes appear if an editor is writing on plot elements they are unfamiliar with, misremembering, or simply using the wrong word. In those cases of obvious mistakes, feel free to fix them, leaving a note in the edit summary that that's what your doing. Or, otherwise, leave a comment asking others to look into it.

I'm seeing a number of articles consistently saying the same wrong information

That could happen any number of ways. It could be that an Improvement Drive accidentally added misinformation on multiple articles. However, it could instead be that the author knew something you didn't. The Resident Evil games have a sketchy history of localisation differences, with translation teams using the wrong words (Congress becoming the "Federal Council" in RE3's epilogue), to removing information (9/11 is mentioned by name in RE6, but not in your English version), to even inserting new plot points (most of the jokes in Revelations 2 along with the Claire-Neil romance were added by the translators). We also rely a lot on interviews with the game writers, who may be able to clarify points that were left unanswered in the games themselves, and may have led to false assumptions.

If you suspect this "error" is more than what it seems, I strongly advise that you leave a comment asking for clarification. Last thing you want is to have 12 of your good-faith corrections on the fate of Raccoon City to be thrown out of the window because you never heard of this obscure 1999 interview where the director confirms it wasn't a nuke. Using the comments gives you a chance to learn new info in the responses, too.

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