Recently we held a Twitter poll, asking people why they love reading the site, but don't contribute or not enough. Although only thirteen people voted in that week, the 62% who voted for the second option, "No idea what to edit", appear indicative of the general population, based on prior discussions on this subject.

Per a promise made on Twitter, I've written up a short guide for aspiring editors, who genuinely don't know what to edit. I'll order page-types based on the general theme.





"Room articles" are those lovely environments we liked visiting, whether in mansions, caves, police stations, etc. They are typically ordered in this manner:
What sort of room is it (dining room, jails, etc.)? Is it in disrepair with windows 

What items do you find in this room, and does it change based on difficulty? What about
enemies? Do they spawn here? Or is it a Save Room?

In the older games, you could examine pretty much everything. A lot of the time it would
just read as "Nothing interesting", but you could just as well find subtle hints to the
story, like noticing a medicine cabinet only has Umbrella products on it. Usually we
have a Table for this section which, in Visual editor, should be fine to type in. If you
don't know what the Japanese game's description of the same object is, just leave that
out and only do the location/English ("official localisation").

This is where you start throwing all your gameplay screenshots to the page. We want
'camera angle' in the room showing all there is to see (for the benefit of the
'description' section), along with the Examine text.

This section you can probably ignore - it's where we list the guidebooks we're using as
a source for the section. 

The relevant categories for this page are listed below. Within each category are subcategories, listing every room in a SPECIFIC GAME with that issue, so if you're currently playing, say, Resident Evil 0, you can focus just on those.

  1. Category:Articles with empty "room_guide" sections
  2. Category:Articles with empty "room_examines" sections
  3. Category:Articles with empty "room_description" sections


Item pages which are NOT weapons have a very specific page order:
What is this item used for? If a key, does it open a door? Does it merge with another item?

Where exactly in the game does it appear?

Pics of it if needed

You can find relevant categories here (and yet, there's sub-categories for the games you're playing):

  1. Category:Articles with empty "item purpose" sections
  2. Category:Articles with empty "item location" sections


==Music information==
Who composed this piece? Was it on piano? Synth? Was there a full orchestra?

==In-game usage/Usage==
Name varies based on if it's a film or game. If a film, what scene do you hear it in?
If a game, does it appear in certain rooms? Is it unique to certain cutscenes?

Comic books

For comic books, we have three frequent issues.

  1. Some pages don't yet have their Plot sections written (looking at you, issue #30 of Marhawa Desire). We tag those empty pages with {{Empty section|comic plot}}. If you're an avid RE comics reader, Category:Articles with empty "comic plot" sections is down your alley.
  2. Some pages also do not list what characters appear in that issue, such as issue #3 of Marhawa Desire. Those pages are listed in Category:Articles with empty "comic characters" sections.
  3. Pictures! We need pictures! We don't need, like, the entire comic. Just a few pages or even panels you think really capture the important parts of the issue.