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  • Bio I'm a Resident Evil collector specialising in Japanese books containing hard-to-find interviews and extra story notes not in the games. I'm also a fan of classic '80s horror franchises such as Friday the 13th and Halloween.
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  • Forerunner

    Anyone who's been on the Resident Evil Facebook page for more than six months will know that Resident Evil 6 is hated by True Fans for everything. Literally everything. One of the arguments which confused me the most is that the Resident Evil 6 zombies are a mockery to the franchise and to George A. Romero due to their running and use of weapons. I'll handle these two separately, along with intelligence.

    Now, George A. Romero's 1968 film is uncopyrighted due to an accident he and his team made, so for your benefit here is the movie itself (I'll give you timestamps when appropriate); screenshots will be the colour versions so you can see better. Here's the colour if you really hate black-and-white. Same timestamps.

    You probably see zombies as havi…

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  • Forerunner

    Hey, folks. Long time no see. We stopped creating Staff Blogs when it became clear people couldn't find them. We now intend to highlight a forum thread which will remind people to check out the blogs.

    In the above picture, Leon has been infected with the G-Virus while exploring the devastated wreckage of Raccoon City shortly after its bombing. For some reason he's a Super Saiyan 3.

    • BIOHAZARD 2 DRAMA ALBUM ~The Little Runaway Sherry~
    • BIO HAZARD DRAMA ALBUM ~The Doomed Raccoon City~ VOL.1
    • BIO HAZARD DRAMA ALBUM ~The Doomed Raccoon City~ VOL.2
    • Unexpected enemy encounters

    • We began adding walkthroughs for the Resident Evil 4: Mobile Edition
    • Similarly, we stated looking into the Degeneration mobile game
    • We acquired a copy of the BIOHAZARD 2 Official Guide B…

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  • Forerunner

    So, you decided to download the AutoWikiBrowser for a better and faster editing experience. Good choice.

    Step 1 is pretty simple: just open up the program and examine it. Look at the UI to see what we're dealing with.

    Below that eyesore is the same image, but with red rings around the things you'll actually USE.

    Yeah, pretty complicated at first. Now, the default wiki is Wikipedia, so we'll need to find US.

    Step 2 is to go into the "Options" menu and open up "Preferences". This little window isn't as complicated. Simply move into the "Site" tab and replace the "Project" box with "Wikia". Then add in the site's url ("residentevil") into the box just underneath. By clicking "OK", you are now focused on the right website.

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  • Forerunner

    Hello again and welcome to this week's Staff Blog.

    • Colin Wainwright
    • Robertson
    • DiGennaro
    • ‎Humberg
    • Ian Montgomery
    • Al Cowan

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  • Forerunner

    Hello again and welcome to this week's Staff Blog.

    We've had a few things in the news recently. First off, we're seeing more and more Resident Evil 7 rumours regarding E3 and they're all equally lousy. One example is the claim that Alice will be in The Mercenaries alongside Claire Redfield. Alice is an original character; Capcom will have to pay Anderson; Jovovich and/or Sony for permission to use Alice and Jovovich's likeness. The whole thing is costly and unnecessary.

    We also contacted Alyson Court on Twitter; she has not been asked by Capcom to provide her voice recently. The same goes for D.C. Douglas, so claims from the seemingly-nonexistent Capcom Twitterer about recording Claire's and Wesker's voices needs something else to back it up.

    • ‎Y…

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