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  • Joker496

    Found this video while fiddling around on YouTube. Pretty lengthy too.

    Soo...yeah, from the video, this is what I can gather:

    • A new file (perhaps) in the VIP Room of the Casino stating an egg of some sort.
    • Not long after the reading and on the way to the bilge, there seems to be some sort of egg.
    • Puzzles are done maybe using the analog stick and buttons. Haven't seen how to un-screw the screws though, probably spin the analog stick I guess.
    • The Genesis returns with altered interface.
    • Weapons now have descriptions in the Customization Bench menu.
    • The MP5 seems to have a buffed up firing speed, from 1.67 in the 3DS to 7.50 in the HD Port. (Ain't that ridiculously fast...)

    That's all I can gather from now, if there are anything that I have missed, fe…

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  • Joker496

    A video of an interview with Tsukasa Takenaka, the producer of Resident Evil Revelations. With the addition of Campaign and Raid Mode gameplay details. 

    From the video:

    • Gameplay/Campaign: The aiming uses a crosshair rather than the classic laser aiming, though it is unknown whether this is an option and the ability to change the aiming to first person is unknown.
      • The player is able to walk, aim and shoot at the same time, but it is unknown whether this is similar to Resident Evil 6's combat system.
      • Similar to the 3DS version of Revelations, the player is able to use the knife without having to draw it.
      • Unlike classic Resident Evils and similar to RE5, the map is located on the top right of the screen, however it is still not known if the player…
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  • Joker496

    Alright, I just played RE5 recently and noticed something that may or may not bug you. Due to the partner system you have to do something with your partner that you couldn't do alone. Chris has the muscles and yeah Sheva has conditioned body. But the command of pulling a gate,pushing a what seems to be filled with wood together is really strange since Chris has "humongous" arms. Strangely, Chris can punch a large boulder into a lava alone.( I know what the situation was like when you are seperated from your partner.)

    So yeah, do you guys hope for a less ridiculous partner commands in Re6?

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