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  • LeonScottKennedy256

    So, it's finally known that it comes out October 27 2012. and this is the cast of it according to IMDb

    Cast: Laura Bailey: Angela Miller

    Roger Craig Smith: Chris Redfield

    Carolyne Lawrence: Ashley Graham

    Alyson Court: Claire Redfield

    Paul Mercier: Leon S Kennedy

    Stephanie Sheh: Sherry Birkin

    Sam Reigel: Steve Burnside

    Patricia Ja Lee: Jill Valentine

    Sally Saffoti: Ingrid Hunnigan

    Riva Di Paola: Rebecca Chambers

    Sally Cahill: Ada Wong

    Karen Dyer: Sheva Alomar

    David Webster: Billy Coen.

    Anyone think it's true or a load of crap?

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  • LeonScottKennedy256

    Is it just me or does LONE WOLF look like WILD WEASEL from the GI Joe cartoon.

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  • LeonScottKennedy256


    April 28, 2012 by LeonScottKennedy256

    I cant get on the chat anymore, so if anyone wondering where I am sees this you can either add me on facebook if you like, especially JillValentine95 (No I didn't forget you) or let me know on here that you see this.

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  • LeonScottKennedy256

    Sherry in RE6

    January 22, 2012 by LeonScottKennedy256

    Does anyone really think it is Sherry?

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  • LeonScottKennedy256

    I wonder, will there be a single player mode for it, or is it exclusively for multiplayer?

    If so, will we be given the choice to play as either members from Wolfpack or Echo Six?

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